July 15, 2020

Medigence Health: An Integrated Approach to Telehealth and In-Home Visits for Risk Adjustment and Improved Quality

Dallas , TX / July 09, 2020 : Medigence Health today announced the launch of full array of medical services for the Health Insurance Industry that is led by an experienced management and medical team averaging over 16 years in risk adjustment and quality improvement. The group has developed an innovative approach to deliver Tele-Health and In-Home Visits which focuses on improved engagement rates and better outcomes.

Medigence Health’s mission is dedicated to a vision of transforming the quality and delivery of care by using an intelligent technology platform to create a better care experience throughout national network of nurse practitioners to assess your members at home or an assisted or long term care facility.

Chuck Groseth, CEO states “Medigence Health provides care for those that need it most. We understand the benefits of a personalized approach to clinical encounters and the importance of conversation, either by sitting across the table with your member or through a secure video engagement. Medigence offers the safest and most personalized setting for care delivery, the members home.”

Medigence’s suite of services include:

In Home Visits
Embedded Providers
Enhanced Clinical Services
Risk Adjustment Coding

Medigence Health offers a broad array of solutions that provide innovative targeting and engagement strategies across your member populations. These solutions offer increased healthcare access and improved outcomes to optimize your plans performance.

With strong network of mobile and Tele-Health based Nurse Practitioners, innovative products and engagement strategies and enhanced clinical services we are looking forward to serving clients across the nation.

Contact social@medigenceheath.com for further information or reach us at www.medigencehealth.com